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Transformer Manufacturing Association of America (TMAA) is the industry trade organization representing the interests of the domestic transformer manufacturing sector and its customers. Our members manufacture power and distribution transformers in the United States or are service suppliers, vendors, utilities, contractors and others who support the domestic transformer industry.

The domestic transformer sector contributes more than $10Bn to the U.S. economy and is expected to have a market value of more than $20Bn by 2032 as the U.S. replaces its aging infrastructure and implements its plan for rapid transition to renewable and distributed generation. Transformers are the heart of the energy grid and paramount to our economic and national security interests.

The Spark

Our Mission

The Objective

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The Spark

Our Mission

The TMAA provides its members with the leading voice related to:

  • Policy and regulatory issues impacting the domestic transformer industry and its supply chain
  • Collaborating with other organizations and customers interested in securing a thriving domestic transformer sector
  • Acting as an informational and networking resource for our members.

The Objective

Our Vision

The TMAA is the voice of the domestic transformer industry and its customers, advocating policies aimed to collaboratively protect and expand the market for domestically produced power and distribution transformers and secure the U.S. economic supply chain.

Learn more about the TMAA and our purpose, leadership, and members.

The TMAA is the singular voice in Washington D.C. for policymakers. Now more than ever our domestic transformer manufacturers and their vendors need to speak with one voice to defend and protect our industry. Anyone interested in the future of the grid and in particular transformers should join our cause and add their voice to the effort. Together we are better for the transformer industry.

Jarred Delello
Pricing and Government Relations Manager
Delta Star, Inc.

“The TMAA is the most valuable voice in Washington DC representing the domestic transformer industry and acts as a flow of information impacting our operations.  GEORG has greatly benefitted from our membership and I encourage any company in the sector to join us.”

Ales Bertuzzi
Vice President Sales
Transformer Line North America

“In today’s dynamic energy marketplace, it is essential for the domestic transformer industry to have a well-respected voice in Washington to ensure our industry’s voice is heard.  Niagara Power Transformer has benefited greatly from our membership in TMAA, and strongly recommend stakeholders in our industry to consider joining us.”

John Darby
Niagara Transformers

Transformer Manufacturing Association of America

Our Members

Our members cover the globe, but all build and support the production of power and distribution transformers in the U.S. Learn more about our current members here.

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As the voice of the domestic transformer industry, the TMAA has been actively involved in numerous initiatives impacting the sector.

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