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Our Foundation

Transformers are the heartbeat of the electric grid and serve a vital role in securing both our national security and the transition to new, renewable electric generation.  Transformer Manufacturing Association of America (TMAA) members supply this critical equipment to empower customers in all sectors of the American economy, including electric utilities; renewable energy projects; data centers; U.S. armed forces military bases; emergency first responders; federal, state and local governments; hospitals; emergency services; electrical contractors; industrial manufacturing facilities; railroads; smelters and others.

TMAA is the industry trade organization representing the interests of the domestic transformer manufacturing sector and its customers. The TMAA was forged in the heart of Washington DC’s ongoing battle on trade policies, antidumping and supply chain issues to help craft and implement informed policy decisions positively impacting the domestic transformer manufacturing sector. Our members manufacture power and distribution transformers in the United States or are service suppliers, vendors, utilities, contractors, and others who support the domestic transformer industry. TMAA serves as a resource to its members and to policymakers by convening stakeholders to share policy, scientific, and technological information to foster the advancement of the entire domestic transformer sector.

How We Use Our

One Voice

As an industry resource, TMAA informs and promotes a positive, effective dialogue between the Hill and agency policymakers, utility customers, transformer manufacturers and our vendors to create cohesive federal policies and commercial opportunities. The TMAA provides a nonpartisan, unbiased platform for the expression of ideas, concerns, and solutions regarding all relevant issues impacting the domestic transformer sector.

The TMAA’s history of building coalitions between government officials, other trade groups and our customers and advocating for common sense policies that can uplift this critical industry demonstrates the power of a single voice!

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Our Mission

TMAA provides its members with the leading voice related to:

  • Policy and regulatory issues impacting the domestic transformer industry and its supply chain
  • Collaborating with other organizations and customers interested in securing a thriving domestic transformer sector
  • Acting as an informational and networking resource for our members.

Our vision

TMAA is the voice of the domestic transformer industry and its customers, advocating policies aimed to collaboratively protect and expand the market for domestically produced power and distribution transformers and secure the U.S. economic supply chain.