Transformer Manufacturing Association of America

Policy Positions & Advocacy

Our Initiatives 

As the voice of the domestic transformer industry, the TMAA has been actively involved in numerous initiatives impacting the sector.

Our voice is sought out by leading policymakers on the Hill, within the White House and in many federal agencies.

We have collaborative relationships with multiple trade groups and other associations representing our utility customers, end users and other important stakeholders.

The TMAA is active in numerous working groups and other coalitions related to the industry, including participation in the Secretary of Energy’s Working Group on Transformer Interoperabililty focusing on supply chain constraints and the Secretary of Commerce’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee. 

We submitted numerous comments in rulemakings and other proceedings. See a sample of our work here.

Providing One Voice

Our Policy Positions

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TMAA Comments DOE NOPR Distribution Transformer Energy Efficiency Standards

TMAA Comments DOE RFI 640-01 Transmission Facilitation Program

TMAA Comments DOE RFI Defense Production Act

TMAA Comments EPA NOPR Energy Consumption Reporting

TMAA Comments in DOE RFI-0321