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TMAA Memberships

Add your voice to advance the interests of the domestic transformer manufacturing sector! Depending on membership level, members can participate in TMAA events, attend the monthly board meetings with senior executives of other Members, work with leadership to craft policy positions and participate in meetings with policymakers. Each member organization designates up to two representatives that can participate in TMAA events and meetings.

Address / Moderate sessions at TMAA events

Present at TMAA membership briefings or annual meetings

Attend TMAA private lunches, dinners, or other meetings 

Influence TMAA positions on policy issues

Establish contacts and network with senior executives at member companies

Meet periodically with TMAA leadership on issues impacting the sector

Coordinate with leadership to speak at conferences hosted or sponsored by a member; TMAA will promote events on social media, email alerts, website, etc.

Attend TMAA annual membership meeting, membership briefings, receptions, seminars, and forums 

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The Options

Membership Levels


Entities or organizations who have (a) a corporate headquarters in North America; (b) a Chief Executive Officer (or similar title and role) based in the United States; (c) a majority of their electrical power transformers manufactured in the United States; and (d) been part of the informal coalition of companies working together prior to the formation of TMAA.


Entities or organizations who (a) have primary business of manufacturing electrical power transformers in the United States; or (b) act as service suppliers, vendors, contractors, parts provisioning, or other role in support of transformer manufacturing.


Entities, organizations, trade groups or individuals who are or represent customers of the transformer industry.

Friend of the Grid

Entities, organizations, or individuals who are interested in helping support the work of the association.